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All-Star Cheerleading offers high intensity athletics for boys and girls aged 3 and up.  At Rockstar, we are proud to offer Elite, Prep and Novice levels of cheerleading for all ages and skill levels, so all athletes can be a part of our family.  Our teams compete their routines 6-10 times per year at competitions locally, as well as regionally and nationally. A typical routine includes stunting, tumbling, jumping, dance and pyramids. Tryouts for full-year teams are held the end of May. Half-year teams will have registration in the fall.


Perfect for those who don't want the commitment of year-round competition, or those who want to spend more time working and perfecting their skills, Rockstar Chambersburg offers classes in tumbling, stunting, and intro to cheerleading.  Classes are based on skill level from beginner to elite.  We are also excited to offer RockFit, our own unique blend of Ninja, Warrior, CrossFit training with classes based on age. 


Does your child crave more time in the gym? Do they want to have specialized instruction for specific skills?  Coaches are available for private and semi-private lessons with athletes to give individualized attention to skills needed to enhance and progress their abilities. We also offer open gym that allows children to come in for extra instruction.


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These are great for those who are on vacation or just can't get enough time in the gym. Virtual lessons are available for stretching, flyer flexibility, jump technique, and strength training. These are posted in a private forum, and offer accountability not only through the coaches, but also through the peers also taking the class.


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Haylee, 13

I love the virtual workouts because they have helped me with my flexibility, strength and kept me in shape during quarantine! They are short, but make me a better cheerleader. I love the types of conditioning and stretches that we do!

Lana, 13

I love doing all of the virtual workouts so much because they keep me active! I stay healthy and I know it will make conditioning easier when the season starts. When I'm bored, the first thing I think is that I have a workout today which is always a chance to get stronger and a better chance to get to know my future coaches!

Makenna, 13

I love the virtual workouts so much because we are in tough times right now, and they are keeping me in shape for this season! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be ready to get back in the gym, and now I'm stronger than ever!